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Frequently Asked Questions

Jan 1, 2020 2:58 PM
Brian Howell

Everything you need to know about soccer at Rineyville Community Youth Soccer League.


Rineyville Community Youth Soccer League (RCYSL) is a Recreational league.

Our mission is to introduce children to the sport of soccer and develop skills in a fun, safe and enjoyable environment. This allows all players a chance to try every position on the field and to get equal playing time. We want the kids to have FUN so they will return next season. It is for this reason that we do not keep score for U4, U6 and U8 age groups.


Coaches will contact you by phone initially to give specific practice dates/times.

RCYSL uses Sports Illustrated Play (aka SI Play) for player registration, communication and scheduling. Create your account on Download the SI Play app for Android or Apple so you can have the most up-to-date schedule, receive game notifications and let your coach know which games your player will attend. Schedules, information and team standings for U10, U12 and U14 are also available on our website.

RCYSL is also on Facebook. Please follow our page for updates as well as links to other useful sites. While we encourage you to share pictures and video of your players, please post this content to your account so YOU can control who has access.

Game Schedules & Cancellations

Games Schedules will be available as soon as they are confirmed with all the leagues. We try to finalize them the week before opening weekend. Once available they are published to the SI Play app, RCYSL website and posted to Facebook. Your coach can also provide a printed version. Any changes or cancellations during the season will also be synced with SI Play automatically.

Weather Cancellations - Soccer is an outdoor sport that is sometimes played in the rain and the cold.  Our first priority is to ensure the safety of your children when deciding whether or not to play games. Deciding factors will be the player age group, conditions of the field, precipitation forecast as well as wind and temperature conditions. Your coach will contact you if a game is cancelled due to weather. Home game cancellations and field closures will be posted on our website and Facebook page. RCYSL is not responsible for cancelling away games with other leagues, but we will make every effort to get you information as soon as it becomes available.

Snacks - your team will create a schedule for parents to provide a small snack and drink for every player after each game.


Uniform - Each player will receive a jersey and matching socks before the opening weekend. Please provide your child with a pair of black shorts.

Ball - Be sure that your child is using an appropriately sized ball for their age group.

• U4 – U8 uses Size 3 Ball                       • U10 & U12 uses Size 4 Ball                                   • U14 uses Size 5 Ball

Footwear – Cleats are optional, but strongly recommended. If you don't have cleats, you can check with your coach to see if there are used cleats available in the office.

Shin Guards – This is the only required piece of equipment. Your child will NOT be allowed to practice or participate in a game without shin guards. Additionally, socks must cover shin guards during a game.

Water Bottle - Please make sure your player has access to water during practice/games to keep them safely hydrated.

Jewelry - Please make sure your player removes any jewelry prior to a practice/games to prevent injury or loss.

Concession Stand

Our concession stand revenues help pay for official referees during home games. Please support the league by purchasing food, candy, drinks and other various items. For opening weekend, parent are asked to donate either a box of Capri-Sun (girl player) or hot dogs (boy player) to help stock the concession stand for the season. If you are responsible for your team snacks during a home game, we ask that you consider purchasing concession stand tickets. Each ticket is $1 and can be redeemed for designated drinks and snacks. Please have a parent or guardian supervise your team at the concession stand. Please accompany your child if they have dietary restrictions.

Code of Conduct

Please help us to keep a fun and lighthearted atmosphere on and around the playing field. Keep in mind that recreational league players, as well as coaches and referees are learning too.

Yelling, berating or cursing by players, spectators or coaches is not tolerated. Similar actions directed to an officiating referee are not permitted and may result in ejection from the game. If you have an issue, we ask you to take it to a coach or an RCYSL board member in private after the game or practice has taken place.

Smoking is not allowed on or near Rineyville Community Park playing fields. Smoking is only permitted in the parking lot.

Please park only in designated areas. Do not block or drive on the gravel road to the concession stand.

League Fundraiser

The League T-shirt is our most successful fundraiser. The profit from these shirts will go toward field maintenance, supplies and equipment. We encourage you to tell friends and family to support the league and their soccer player by purchasing a shirt. Coaches will provide order forms and a deadline to order them as quickly as possible.

Team Pictures

Coaches will schedule a team picture day and provide order forms.

Volunteer Opportunities

Rineyville Youth Community Soccer League relies on volunteers to make things happen. If you have the time and energy, we would love your help! We have a great need for coaches, regardless of skill level. We are also seeking youth and adult referees to officiate U6 – U14 games. RCYSL will help train and pay for your certification. If you have no soccer skills or experience whatsoever but a desire to help, we can use you too! Reach out to one of board members on the supplied contact sheet.

Field Locations

You can find directions and links to Google Maps for all locations on our website: . Additionally, the SI Play App will include directions to the field.

External links are provided for reference purposes. Rineyville Community
Youth Soccer League is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.

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